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Ljubljana citizens - we need your help!!!

The CITI-SENSE team would like to help you to find out more about the air quality where you are and how to act on the information. Please complete our short air quality perception questionnaire to help us to understand more about how citizens like you perceive air quality issues in Ljubljana.


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Ljubljana maraton

Are you participating in the Ljubljana marathon? You can SIGN IN for participating to carry one of our personal air quality units.


CITI-SENSE Ljubljana

Ljubljana is one of the nine CITI-SENSE project locations where actions are taking place on local level. Department of environmental sciences and department of communication systems from Institut Jožef Stefan are organizing activities in Ljubljana together with local stakeholders.

Within CITI-SENSE project we are concerned about air quality. What sort of air do we breath in urban areas? What is the indoor air quality in schools our kids go to? What is our quality of life?

In CITI-SENSE we get to influence on all these aspects. In Ljubljana we have a vision of dense network of sensors scattered around the city where seventeen small outdoor units all placed in various traffic and landscape featured locations all providing usable real time information to citizens.

We are also taking actions in local schools. Three schools are participating in monitoring indoor air quality in their classrooms. Students, teachers, other employees as well as parents can all participate on learning about indoor air quality.

As an additional feature to these static air quality units, volunteers can participate to carry portable sensor units, where the user will get immediate feedback on his/her environment and adjust his/her activities accordingly.

This portal is designed to enable citizens to not only have access to real-time environmental information provided by a wealth of sensors, including portable sensors and static stations, but also to provide a forum for discussion, debate and sharing of YOUR own personal observations. Your contributions are important and the Citizens' Observatory is yours! 

Please help us to develop our web page to fit your needs!

You can participate to the below questionnaire either here at our web page, or by opening it to a new browser

Discussion forum

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 308524.